#044 Just put it out there man! | Steve East

"The majority of us will never get involved in the business side of music"

"I want us all to be 60 / 70 (years old). Still playing, still jamming and going at it and probably still moaning we don't get paid enough."

Steve East, aka Mayor of Benoni is a jack of all trades and a master of all of them! A musician, booking agent, designer, music video director, radio voice, vocalist from the old country band Crystal park, and founder of Rockford media.

In this week's episode of the Shotgun Story podcast we talk about the proverbial glass ceiling for roots, blues & country in South Africa, the 'boys club', ageism, playing on the same stages as your musical heroes and how hard it is to book bands when they don't have videos of themselves performing live!
"Pick your best song, play it live and send me like 30 seconds"

Listen for a really down to earth, honest perspective of what it's like to be a working musician in SA.

"It's just kind of finding your thing and just doing it." - Steve East

'Maybe Tomorrow'
Written by John Crossen and Terry Bush
Performed by Steve East
Recorded by Ye Olde Farm House Studios

Send an email to Steve - Steve.East@RockfordMedia.com
31 Jan English Explicit South Africa Music Interviews · Performing Arts

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