#059 Could an app be the solution to mental healthcare? — Alon Lits

Today we are talking about mental health. If you follow me or if we follow each other online, you will have noticed that this is a topic that I care deeply about and have spoken about increasingly over the last couple of months and years, and it has been a feature of my entrepreneurial journey. It's been a feature of my life, really.

But I've realized that not only is it helpful for me to talk about it, and to share some of my story, but there's also sort of a widespread stigma around talking about mental health issues, especially amongst men, especially amongst businessmen and I'm really committed to changing some of that stigma and creating spaces where we can talk about some of the stuff that we're struggling with, in the same way that we would talk about all the other topics that are tough to tackle in the business world. My guest today is somebody who also cares specifically about creating new spaces and new spaces at scale, to assist you in whatever capacity you need.

Alon Lits is the founder and CEO of Panda, a revolutionary app dedicated to bringing mental health resources to more people in a more accessible and affordable way. Before Panda, Alon was the country manager for Uber in SA. We talk about his new venture, experience gained from his Uber journey, and more in this inspiring episode.
3 Feb English South Africa Management · Personal Journals

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