014.Michael Kok On His Explosive Celebrations, Negative Feedback and Positivity

Michael Kok joins us in this exciting episode to talk about his journey from becoming a motocross champion to pursuing his goals of becoming a golf champion too, Michael opens up about his mental health, facing diversity and getting negative feedback from fellow tour players. Michael explains his social media antics and how he received backlash for his explosive personality.

00:00 Intro
04:15 Progression Of The Sunshine Tour
07:38 Michael's Motocross Career
10:25 Pressures Of Switching To Golf
15:50 The Mental Side Of Golf
23:20 Michaels Come Up And Personality
34:08 "What Went Wrong"
41:55 Kyle Barker And Arthur Horne's Being "Too Nice"
45:22 First Year On Tour
48:58 Social Media And Bullying
55:15 We Want Your Video's
56:10 Outro

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9 Feb English Explicit South Africa Golf · Sports

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