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The Human Golf Show

A channel dedicated to playing the GREAT GAME, building communities around golf, and technology. Join us as we discuss all things Golf. From good old golf banter with some big names in the industry to the latest golf brands and technologies - finally, a show that covers it all. The…
18 Mar 38 episodes English Explicit Golf · Sports

Human Influence

Profit for Purpose is an organization with the aim to be the economic agents of change in South Africa. We want to positively influence the economy and stimulate job creation by promoting the benefits of consuming local production. We want to inspire confidence in local production by having conversations that…
20 Oct 2023 8 episodes English Business · Marketing

Lasher Tools

Lasher Tools is a South African hand tool manufacturing company and the largest one in Southern Africa, with an established global footprint. Being over 90 years old –we offer a range of over 1200 tools, serving 6 industries (Mining, Forestry, Gardening, Agriculture, DIY & Construction). Join our conversation where we…
3 Dec 2020 20 episodes English Technology · Science

Threads of Healing - With Dr. Ela Manga

The world is in the midst of a transformative storm. How we emerge will depend on the courageous choices that we make today and the commitment to both our individual and collective healing. Healing is a process of change. It is an undoing. A disruption. A death of outdated constructs…
21 Oct 2020 14 episodes English Self-Improvement · Alternative Health

How Louw Can You Go?

We learn the most from our mistakes. Join Albert (Oubie) Louw & Tamsyn Louw for conversations with successful business owners and entrepreneurs who share their worst decision or worst day in business. Many investors want to see a track record from entrepreneurs, one not only of success but also how…
19 Aug 2020 9 episodes English Business · Management

Human - Sales, Stories and Sincerity.

We are a sales-first brand building business. We discuss how to turn your business into a brand and your brand into a better businesses. We unpack sales, marketing and leadership and in a world of change and uncertainty our aim is to help you build confidence in your business and…
2 Jul 2020 6 episodes English Business · Marketing