Send in the Clowns...

That used to be theatre-speak for when something went wrong on stage and the crowd began to boo. At South African Tourism there seems to be no need. In this episode of Podcasts from the Edge Peter Bruce digs in to the would wide web (i.e. his phone) to find out a little more about the day to day theatre at SA Tourism, the body tasked with growing the tourist numbers our entire future depends on. What he finds are top leaders in the organisation running side hustles on top of their day jobs. These are the guys who wanted to pay Tottenham Hotspur a billion rand to wear ‘Visit South Africa’ on their jerseys. Because, you know, it’s so cool. As an eternally agonised Spurs supporter himself, Bruce could have told them for free it would be a billion rand down the drain. Yes, people all around the world watch the English Premier League. But his team? Even die-hard fans watch from behind their hands.
13 Feb 2023 English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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