Countering Misinformation and Manipulation: Anything Civil Society Organisations

When the printing press was invented more than 500 years ago, it was certainly done with good intentions. However, one of the unintended side effects of that innovation was its use to incite people.

In our times, the story of the Internet may sound similar. The internet, and in particular social media, has become the main theatre of manipulation and incitement. Our online spaces are home to negative commentary and reviews, manipulation and incitement, resulting in dire consequences for individuals, corporations and even nation states.

But what if these negative features of manipulation and incitement aren’t going away and are going to stay as part of our life in the digital world?

Today’s episode look at how we can counter misinformation and manipulation, and whether there is Anything Civil Society Organisations can do?

Joining us for this conversation are Simone Toussi, Melyn McKay and Valerie Khan
15 Feb English South Africa Tech News · Technology

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