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Civic Tech in Africa is a podcast by the Civic Tech Innovation Network, in partnership with Vow FM. The podcast focuses on the profiling of civic tech initiatives, civic innovators, activists, researchers, social entrepreneurs and others working in the civic tech and other related fields in Africa.
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Mzalendo Trust Monitoring Kenyan Parliament through Digital Tools

Parliamentary monitoring sites allow citizens to keep an eye on the people in power. They make it easy to find out who represents you, what’s being debated, and how members have voted. Mzalendo Trust, located is a non-partisan entity that keeps an eye on Kenyan Parliament with a mission to…
26 Apr 33 min

Utilising Podcast technology and Social Media Platforms to Upscale the YouLead’s Unplugged Series | Fiona Kemigisha

YouLead is Africa’s flagship Youth Leadership Program working to unlock youth leadership potential for a prosperous continent by identifying, recognizing, connecting and fostering cooperation among Africa’s vibrant and influential young leaders and their initiatives. A joint initiative of MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MSTCDC) and the East African Community…
12 Apr 22 min

Redefining Data Journalism for the African Continent | Sarah Findlay

Have you come across any stories reported using data visualation tools lately. That's the work of a data journalist using data to explain complex stories of public interest. Africa Data Hub seeks to lower the barriers that African journalists face to access and use data in their storytelling around health…
17 Jan 31 min

Data, Design and Technology | Phillip Ayazika

Pollicy is a feminist collective of technologists, data scientists, creatives and academics working at the intersection of data, design, and technology to craft better experiences for tech users
25 Aug 2022 27 min

Digital Dialogue #3: Making Data Accessible

The Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN), in partnership with the International Civil Society Centre (ICSCentre), hosted a discussion titled ‘Making Data Accessible’ as part of its #DigitalDialogues Series. In our current digital age and what is often termed as a ‘data-driven’ world, civic tech organisations, civil society organisations (CSOs) and…
27 Jul 2022 56 min

Embracing Civic Technology to Amplify African Voices | Justin Arenstein

This year marks 15 years since the adoption of the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance (ACDEG). The ACDEG is a framework whose main objective was for African States to adopt good democratic and governance principles. In this episode, we talk about an initiative aimed at boosting civic participation…
11 Jul 2022 37 min

How can international CSOs help – or hinder – grassroots tech innovation?

The global reach of international civil society organisations (ICSOs) allows these organisations to develop, scale-out, and tailor innovative approaches and novel use of technology across borders and in different countries and settings. They may also have sufficient resources to influence the policies and operational and resourcing environments for the development…
21 Jun 2022 50 min

Tech Incubators and Impactful Social Entrepreneurship | Tim Dagori Muiruri

In this episode, we are talking about innovation hubs and their importance as an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators to build on their knowledge and be empowered while also having a societal impact in the broader sense. We also talk about the entrepreneurial nature of innovation hubs and how they…
9 Jun 2022 21 min

Sensitising Citizens on their Rights and Civic Duties | Hamid Khayar Defallah

How do you use technology to get citizens involved in issues of governance? Hamid Khayar Defallah talks to Nathi Mcetywa about how Chad Innovation is contributing toward a more involved citizenry. Hamid Khayar Defallah is the CEO & Founder of Chad Innovation. Chad Innovation represents a community of young volunteers,…
25 May 2022 22 min

Barriers to Citizen Engagement | Al Kags

Many civic tech tools go largely unused because they are developed without understanding the context of the people they are meant for. Language, digital literacy, exposure, and other such factors are important things to look out for when developing a tech tool. We speak to Al Kags about some of…
11 May 2022 23 min

Building Inclusive Civic Tech Communities

The Civic Tech Innovation Network and International Civil Society Centre partnered for a digital dialogue on 'Building Inclusive Communities’. This session, moderated by malebo sephodi, unpacked the role of #DigitalInnovations in facilitating #inclusivity and #diversity within civic tech. In exploring this, the session posed these questions among others; how do…
21 Apr 2022 53 min

Access to Justice Through Tech | Courteney Mukoyi

In this episode, we land in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 to talk to Courtney Mukoyi. Courtney is an award-winning lawyer and innovator who founded Courtlex- a tech company that works to bring convenience in the legal space through tech solutions. Courtlex uses easy-to-use tech to ensure convenient and cheaper access to justice.
8 Dec 2021 22 min

Good Citizenship in the Digital Era | Qowiyou Fassassi

Qowiyou Fassasi from the VOA in Benin 🇧🇯 talks to Nathi Mcetywa about Bon Citoyen, an application they developed as a way to promote good citizenry in Benin. Get in touch: Visit https://civictech.africa/ Follow @CivicTechAfrica on Twitter Follow Civic Tech Innovation Network on Facebook Follow Civic Tech Innovation Network on…
24 Nov 2021 23 min

Bridging the Digital Divide in Mozambique Through the Community Tablet | Dayn Amade

Dayn Amade is founder of the Community Tablet and speaks to Nathi Mcetywa about this initiative aimed at bridging the digital divide between rural and urban communities in Mozambique. Get in touch: Visit https://civictech.africa/ Follow @CivicTechAfrica on Twitter Follow Civic Tech Innovation Network on Facebook Follow Civic Tech Innovation Network…
11 Nov 2021 26 min

Tech placing law into people’s hands | Grace Gichanga

Grace Gichanga is a social innovator and lawyer who founded Luma Law, a platform that provides affordable access to practical, relevant, and user-friendly legal information. Grace talks to Nathi about founding the Luma Law platform and her journey of social entrepreneurship during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also speaks about the…
27 Oct 2021 23 min

Impactful activism and a quick CTIF recap | Sihle Gcilitshana

Sihle Gcilitshana is an activist and social justice warrior from South Africa. She is the current Programme Coordinator at the Civic Tech Innovation Network. In this episode she talks to us about her journey as an activist working with policymakers in South Africa. She also shares some of her highlights…
8 Oct 2021 25 min
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