God's Self-Expression

“There are plenty of trite, lightweight, pop-culture forms of Jesus. But who exactly are we referring to when we speak of Jesus? John’s famous introduction to his Gospel teaches us that the true Jesus has very little to do with the Jesus of the bumper-stickers, coffee-mugs and fridge magnets.”
26 Feb English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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How disciples are made

“Evangelism can feel intimidating. However, not everyone comes to Christ through a powerful argument. John 1:35-51 demonstrates four ways that disciples of Jesus are made – ways that we should employ as we seek to win souls for Christ.”
28 May 26 min

The signpost to the Saviour

“How are hearts brought to the Saviour? The ministry of John the Baptist shows that hearts need to be both prepared, and also confronted with truth.”
21 May 26 min

Problem Passages 6# Canaanite Genocide Part 2

“Is the destruction of the Canaanites an example of ethnic cleansing? When we understand the context and meaning of these Scriptures, we learn that it was nothing of the sort.”
14 May 24 min