Ricoh SA drives digital transformation with DocuWare

Rifling through filing cabinets in search of the one critical file that has brought your business to a standstill is an arduous and painful task that nobody enjoys.
Fortunately, those days are over. Ricoh South Africa is now an expert in the field of electronic records management.
In addition, the company was recently awarded membership status of the exclusive DocuWare Diamond Club in recognition of its exceptional performance. This included having exceeded revenue targets through client onboarding, growth, satisfaction and retention.
DocuWare is document management software that automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents irrespective of their format or source.
TechCentral’s James Erasmus was joined in-studio by Marcell Otto, digital services product manager at Ricoh South Africa, who delved into the ways DocuWare solves the document management challenges that local businesses face today.
In the episode of TCS Impact Series, Otto discussed how using DocuWare can help entities of every size, and across all verticals, connect their documents and people from anywhere.
In fact, 80% of DocuWare’s clients are cloud based, so the solution delivers smart digital workflow and document control that streamlines business performance and boosts productivity. Ultimately, he revealed how DocuWare facilitates more efficient use of resources and reduces human error. Through preconfigured tools, it can digitally transform the way organisations capture, process and access content from day one.
Watch or listen to the interview as Otto and his team at Ricoh take you through a journey of modernisation.
22 Feb 2023 English South Africa Technology · Business

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