Mister & Miss Supranational Namibia 2023 Interview

Meet Mister & Miss Supranational Namibia 2023 - Malan van den Berg & Romilly Hoffman.
Congratulations to our new KING and QUEEN!
23 Mar English Namibia News · Society & Culture

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Our boys recently completed their World Cup campaign. We missed that elusive win, but we're still proud of the Welwitschias, and can't wait to hear all the war stories!!! I thought I'd write them a lil something something!
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Meth Rules - A legal baby name in Australia!?!?!?!?

In Australia, journalist Kirsten Drysdale, began investigating what you can legally change your baby’s name to... Calling them "Saint" is a HECK NO!!! But naming them "Meth Rules" might just be accepted…
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The Sound of Sinus (A Musical Number)

Sinus Sufferers (and those that laugh at us): A song for you! Music: Simon and Garfunkel Lyrics: A pile of medication No copyright infringement intended. Purely for entertainment purposes.
8 Sep 2 min