Godsightings for the week

A Godsightings is where you see God in action this past week. You tell us where He has saved you, protected, healed or provided for you, just blessed you in any way, and we tell the world.
31 Mar 2AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Asanda Noruka - Ntinganathi Youth Organisation

Janine is speaking to Asanda Noruka from the Ntinganathi Youth Organisation, who is in the business of reigniting the dreams of more than 60 children in desperate circumstances.
26 May 2AM 6 min

Helmut Meijer - The Trap

Hebrew scholar Helmut Meijer explains how Eve was tempted in her hole as helper from Gen 2:7
29 May 1AM 4 min

Ds Karel Verhoef en Wanda Bam: "Belê in ons toekoms."

Saam met ons in die ateljee is Ds Karel Verhoef, Hoof Uitvoerende Beampte van Radiokansel, en op die lyn is Wanda Bam, waarnemende Bestuurshoof van Radio Kaapse Kansel. Ons gesels oor die tema: "Belê in ons toekoms." Kom ons belê in hul toekoms want hulle is die Christelike leiers van…
23 May 1AM 22 min

Listeners' Messages

1 Peter 3:15 says we need to always be ready to tell others the reason for our hope. So… if you could speak for 1 minute and be heard by everybody in the world, what is on your heart to share with the globe this morning?
22 May 1AM 16 min