Problem Passages 5# Canaanite Genocide Part 1

“Some claim that the Bible encourages and commands genocide. How should we understand the command to destroy the Canaanites?”
7 May English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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Apologetics - Canonicity

“Why should we accept the 66 books of the Bible as being the only inspired books? Who decided that, and how did they decide that? The topic of ‘canonicity’ is an important one for defending the Christian faith.”
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Apologetics 6 - The reliability of Scripture

Why should Christians stake their lives on the Bible? Are the Christian Scripture reliable? We consider the historical, textual, and internal accuracy of the Bible in this episode.
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Apologetics 5 - God's Existence

Should we try to prove God’s existence? Or should we assume God’s existence and see what follows? Christians that debate non-believers should understand the pros and cons of trying to prove God’s existence to others
10 Sep 21 min

Apologetics 4 - Dismantling Unbelief

“Should Christians be the ones on the back-foot when it comes to explaining our faith? What if Christians expected non-believers to give an account for their worldview? We might find that the non-Christian is secretly borrowing from a Christian worldview to make his worldview work.”
3 Sep 21 min

Apologetics - what an unbeliever needs

Some people think that those rejecting God need proofs and evidences to persuade them. On the contrary: the unbeliever needs to be confronted with how much he borrows from Christianity in order to make his own rejection of God seem plausible
27 Aug 21 min