Movie 30 Second Triva Challenge

The Shade turned Movie Show, we each get a challenge to ask each person a trivia question to answer in a few seconds.
1 Jun English South Africa Comedy · TV & Film

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Why Thabo Can't Sing

The Shade does a show about singing and in case you're wondering... were not singing at all but, we go through the journey of people that were not natural born singers and their transformation process.
28 Sep 23 min

Nobody Cares Bro

The Shade Speaks about self consciousness and it's origin. The cause s of self consciousness are many but to remain in that sate is a decision you make. Learn yo use your self consciousness to your advantage by building good character.
21 Sep 29 min

Men Written by Women

The Shade engages in a very enticing conversation about men written to fit what a woman truly desires.
14 Sep 31 min

Should People Who Identify As Animals Be Allowed To Go To The Vet?

Radio has never been shadier! Sash, Gloire and Thabo are comedians with a twist. They are on a mission to ensure the quality of the other Active FM shows are up to scratch. They question, review, shade and expose other Active FM presenters in the most entertaining way!
7 Sep 19 min