Episode 174- Dealing with burnout from serving in Church

In this episode we discuss how to deal with burnout from serving in church or just Christian ministry in general. As much as we love serving God and others there comes a time when we give more of our serves than we can manage, eventually suffering form burnout. When that happens, we tend to be come less effective in our ministry. How do we deal with burnout from serving in church or any other form of Christian ministry, how do we manage our commitments and expectations so that we are more effective. Have a listen as we chat to Hanna Marks who did her masters dissertation on a related topic….
30 Jun 2023 English Zimbabwe Society & Culture · Christianity

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Episode 193- Have we lost the fire for Jesus?

In this episode we discuss and compare how it was like when we first got saved versus how it is now. Our passion serving God through various ministries and how life can dilute our passion for God- focusing on things such as life goals and being distracted by social media…
17 Jul 1 hr 09 min

Episode 192- Danayi Madondo on fashion, art and God

In this episode we chat to renowned Zimbabwean fashion designer , Danayi Madondo , founder of Haus of Stone. We discuss fashion, art and God. As the saying goes, not all that glitters is Gold. We all want the good life, to look good and keep up with the latest…
24 May 57 min

Episode 191- A conversation with Pastor Bonnie Deuschle

In this episode we have a conversation with Pastor Bonnie Deuschle. She has ministered to people across the world through songs that glorify and honour God. She shares on her upbringing in the USA, coming to Africa and what it really means to worship God in Spirit and in Truth…
19 Apr 1 hr 09 min

Episode 190- The Empowered Woman vs Her Husband

In this episode we discuss the dynamics of a marriage where the woman is empowered. More and more women are making their mark in their chosen professions. The empowered women has rightly been celebrated, however, does this mean her chances of enjoying a good marriage are slimmer? There are many…
5 Apr 1 hr 12 min

Episode 189- Interview with Temeko Richardson (American Entrepreneur)

In this episode we host our first international guest as we chat to American entrepreneur and film maker Temeko Richardson. We talk about her entrepreneurial background, her film making career and the role her Christian faith plays in all this. Temeko shares insights on how to be successful without loosing…
22 Mar 52 min