Op 21:1 Waarom sou die HEMEL "nuut gemaak" word ?

1) Please explain the "rapture", will this happen before Jesus returns?
2) Openbaring 9v16 is die leers van perde ruiters mense of geestelike wesens
3) Pastor, l have left the church where i
was an elder because we don't have a Shepherd /Minister so
we as church council took turns to preach. l was preaching
about sin and we as leaders must lead by example. then the
following week another elder preach and said that we should
be careful what we preach because we chase people away
from church because smoking is no sin and drinking to After
the sermon I spoke to him and ask him what young people
must think about us.and there are many other issues we
differed as church councilthat br was a heayy drinker and
smoker,he now has lung cancer and I visited him at home and
asked him for forgiveness if I have in anyway did him harm or
hurt him.2 nd .why don't people preach or teach on the book
of Philemon. God bless
1 Aug 2023 English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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