Consistency yields results

Pastor Bongani Moyo teaches about being consistent in yielding results. People go to some places where they believe there's God, but God goes to a place where there's His/ Her child.
2 Kings 5 : 1 - 3 & 14
1 Sep 9AM Xhosa South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Partner with the gospel

Pastor Bongani Ntuli talks about the gospel. Philippians 1 : 3 - 6 Paul writes to the Philippians to partner with the gospel. The word of God that goes with the power of the gospel when it reaches our lives, we become that which God wants us to be.
30 Nov 6AM 19 min

Testimony for salvation

Pastor Bongani Moyo preaches about territorial spirits/ territorial demons. Paul says we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against spirits. We are all facing warfare's wherever we are. Don't keep quiet about your testimony, encourage others to know that God is real. Mark 5 : 9 - 20
30 Nov 5AM 20 min

Using our faith 4

Pastor Jones Maleka continues on using our faith as Christians. Mark 4 : 16 - 20 The passage encourages us to be steadfast in our faith and to remain focused on the word of God, even in the face of adversity.
6 Dec 8AM 13 min

Break the chains of rejection

Pastor J M Mahlangu preaches about breaking the bad spirit of rejection, everyone wants to be loved by people, or family. Jesus was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering and familiar with pain. Isaiah 53 : 3
1 Dec 3AM 17 min

Called to stand in the gap #2

Dr Mary Masina continues with the theme called to stand in the gap. Exodus 1 : 1 - 22 Provebs 18 : 10 We are still talking about the lives of the two Egyptians midwives, Shiphrah and Pauh, who stood in the gap for the Israelite women and children to…
1 Dec 3AM 18 min