Shantal scored big at today's Betway's Springbok-chant competition

Would you like to score big on East Coast Breakfast with Betway's Springbok-chant competition? Send a WhatsApp Voice Note with your best 10-second rugby-chant using the magic words, 'Springbok' and 'Betway', and Darren, Sky and Carmen could be calling you back for your shot at R6,000 in cash AND a Springbok jersey!
25 Sep 2023 2AM English South Africa Society & Culture · Daily News

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Angling community reacts to Drone Fishing ban

This week the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled drone fishing is illegal, which means that anglers who drop their baited hooks further out to sea using drones can now be prosecuted. Vinesh Soogreem from the Angling News South Africa podcast shared his opinion about this with East Coast Breakfast.
19 Jul 1AM 7 min

Meyerton police claim suspects turned into cats

Police at the Meyerton police station are under investigation, after two hijacking suspects escaped, and they filed a report containing claims that the men had turned into cats. Carmen Reddy has more in What The Heck!?
19 Jul 12AM 3 min

AirPodgate update: Carmen Reddy involves Wendy Knowler

Did you miss the debacle with Sky Tshabalala’s AirPods!? He lost them at the Rugby on Saturday, Carmen Reddy found them, then She lost them AGAIN, and somehow, we don’t know who is supposed to replace Sky’s AirPods! There were a lot of opinions, and there was also a lawyer,…
17 Jul 2AM 6 min