#031 Guardians of the land - AECIPH pledge to pesticide stewardship | Mcgreggor Ntuli

Pesticides have long been a cornerstone of modern agriculture, helping to protect crops from the ravages of pests and diseases, ensuring food security and sustaining livelyhoods.

However, the unchecked and irresponsible use pesticides can pose significant risks to human health, the environment, and the long-term viability of agriculture. Which is why promoting stewardship and the responsible use of pesticides is not only an ethical imperative, but also essential for safeguarding our planet and its inhabitants. Joining us now to discuss how AECI plant health continues to promote stewardship and the responsible use of pesticides in South Africa, is Mcgreggor Ntuli who is currently deployed as a technical support specialist at AECI plant health.
2 Oct 2023 English South Africa Business · Education

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