Book Choice - Publishers Choice - 17 Oct 23

Good morning and good afternoon, and a big book welcome to Book Choice, Publishers’ Choice, on Fine Music Radio. I’m your host Paige Nick and I’m delighted to bring you this show every month.

Publisher’s Choice holds a special place in my heart, because we’ve partnered with some really special people, and it’s the only show of it’s kind that I know of in South Africa, perhaps even in the world. In this show we welcome three of South Africa’s top publishers.
17 Oct 2023 English South Africa TV & Film

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On this show, among other things, in a bit of a mad experiment, we have three reviewers ( Vanessa Levenstein, Shirley De Kock Gueller and Twanji Kalula) ALL reviewing the exact same book, Son of a Whore, by Herman Lategan. As well as fiction and non-fiction reviews and a whopper…
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There is something special about this show. All 8 book reviews feel prescient and interesting, and the interview, well it’s about a book that has a dog in it named God, so maybe it’s that. Tune in and hear for yourself.
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Book Choice is broadcast every alternating Tuesday of each month presented by Paige Nick. While you’re munching your lunch or driving the myriad motorways, you’ll hear all that’s best in books. Cape Town’s top book reviewers will entertain and inform you as they cheerfully chat about the newest and nicest…
23 Jan 1 hr 02 min


It's the very first Book Choice: Publishers' Choice for 2024. So whatever your New Year's resolution, be sure to listen tomorrow, 9 January, at 12 noon. Join Paige Nick and top publishing houses: Jonathan Ball Publishers Penguin Random House Pan Macmillan South Africa and number one bookseller Exclusive Books #finemusicradio…
9 Jan 1 hr 01 min