Is it biblical for a Christian couple to choose to not have any children considering how wicked the world is?

I do not believe all this evolution theory, how do I Answer questions about it?

Faithful servant asked.
If sola scriptura is true and everyone interprets the Bible according to His own understanding, then who has the final say on how scripture should be interpreted? Doesn't Sola scriptura by its own nature create false interpretations lacking unity of belief?
7 Nov 2023 English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Ek wil Weet is dit verkeert as jy n geskeide vrou trou?

Good day Pastors would you be so kind and explain the other feast in Leviticus 23 uit 'n baie warm Zambië, Kafue area. Sanet hier voorheen van Livingstone. Ek kry nie altyd op Dinsdae geluister nie maar vang op Potgooie. Ek het 'n vraag oor gebed wat dalk kan oorstaan…
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