Inside Europe - 7 November 2023

Migration talks in Berlin, a new pact between Italy and Albania, and Germany's NFL fanbase turns out for the Dolphins. Also: We get a lawyer’s perspective on democratic backsliding in the UK, why 90 Percent of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust, France cracks down on migrant crossings from Italy, and Spain creates olympic ambassadors for refugees.
9 Nov 2023 English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe - 15 February 2024

Hungary resignations - the pedophile scandal that toppled a president. Green giggles - French ecologically conscious comedy. Memorial politics - what to do about Bulgaria’s communist era monuments? All that, plus a deep-dive into the controversial world of homeopathy in the company of DW's Don't Drink The Milk team.
15 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 8 February 2024

Dutch coalition talks break down leaving Wilders in limbo, Northern Ireland gets its first Republican first minister and the death knoll for gas-guzzling cars in Paris. Also: Kosovo's new currency rule irritates minority Serbs, we visit Turkey's Hatay a year after the earthquakes, southern Estonia begins its culture capital year…
8 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 2 February 2024

The EU reaches a deal with Orban, farmers threaten to blockade Paris, and a new report sets out a vision of two very different agro-futures. Then: Norway’s Prime Minister puts his full weight behind the Arctic Council, open source aficionados gather in Brussels, Estonian teachers go back to work, Italian…
1 Feb 55 min

Inside Europe - 25 January 2024

Turkey green-lights Sweden's NATO bid, a wake-up call for the EU elections, and Finland prepares to elect a president. Also: French politics and the fickle capital of youth, a journey to the heart of Germany's Zeitenwende, and leaning tower of… Bologna. Links - ECFR report:, Tania Roettger in The…
25 Jan 54 min

Inside Europe - 18 January 2024

Germany's far-right and the secret master-plan to deport millions of people, Can Dundar calls for a ban on the AfD, and Turkey's civil society crackdown continues. Also: Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Davos address, Spain's plastic pellet problem, France’s Depardieu dilemma, and a bracing encounter with Oslo's floating saunas… Correctiv investigation link:
18 Jan 54 min