Daily Focus | Virtue in Forgiveness Dr/Pastor Sanned Lubani

Let us explore the virtue of Forgiveness as it applies to
divine forgiveness and human forgiveness.
22 Nov 2023 English South Africa Christianity · Kids & Family

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Zinhle's question is How do you know that everything that happens in your life is God's will ? either GOOD or BAD.
29 Feb 29 min

Daily Focus | The Element of Evangelism Pastor Ronald Chuma

Evangelism is a crucial element in the mission and identity of many Christian traditions, including the Church of Christ. Evangelism involves sharing the Christian message with the goal of bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ. What is the role of Evangelism?
29 Feb 18 min

Daily Focus | Finding Common Ground

Finding common ground in a church, especially in areas like dress code, diversity, culture, and backgrounds, is crucial for fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. Today, we want to discuss the way we can navigate these aspects in a church.
27 Feb 26 min

Feature: Boys Bunker | Choosing Godly Companions Pastor Norman Chijana

Choosing godly companions is a crucial aspect of Christian living for both boys and girls. Let’s talk about some considerations and insights specifically focused on Christian boys and their friendships, emphasizing the importance of selecting godly companions. Join the conversation.
28 Feb 24 min

Daily Focus | Church Hurt Pastor Ronald Chuma

Church hurt refers to the emotional, psychological, or spiritual pain that individuals may experience as a result of negative or harmful experiences within a church or religious community. How do we address issues of church hurt? Join the conversation.
28 Feb 19 min