Inside Europe - 23 November 2023

Shock result in the Netherlands, Finland closes border crossings with Russia, and choppy waters ahead for Spain’s Pedro Sanchez. Also: Erdogan’s double game on the Middle East, Italy's mafia mega-trial, the EU's AI Act, and a night out at the circus.
23 Nov 2023 English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe - 29 February 2024

NATO membership and the shift in the Swedish psyche, Russian fishing vessels in Norwegian ports, and refugee-led mental health interventions in Prague. Also: quantifying extremism in Germany's AfD, enshrining abortion in the French constitution, dealing with the aftermath of ISIS terror in Turkey and bringing refugee children and their peers…
29 Feb 55 min

Inside Europe - 22 February 2024

On the 2nd anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we look at the security and funding situation and talk to DW’s Kyiv correspondent, Nick Connolly. Also: The delicate issue of Norway’s relationship with Russia, how Russia is using cryptocurrency to by-pass international sanctions, and we meet Mstyslaw Tschernow, director…
22 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 15 February 2024

Hungary resignations - the pedophile scandal that toppled a president. Green giggles - French ecologically conscious comedy. Memorial politics - what to do about Bulgaria’s communist era monuments? All that, plus a deep-dive into the controversial world of homeopathy in the company of DW's Don't Drink The Milk team.
15 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 8 February 2024

Dutch coalition talks break down leaving Wilders in limbo, Northern Ireland gets its first Republican first minister and the death knoll for gas-guzzling cars in Paris. Also: Kosovo's new currency rule irritates minority Serbs, we visit Turkey's Hatay a year after the earthquakes, southern Estonia begins its culture capital year…
8 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 2 February 2024

The EU reaches a deal with Orban, farmers threaten to blockade Paris, and a new report sets out a vision of two very different agro-futures. Then: Norway’s Prime Minister puts his full weight behind the Arctic Council, open source aficionados gather in Brussels, Estonian teachers go back to work, Italian…
1 Feb 55 min