Inside Europe - 23 November 2023

Shock result in the Netherlands, Finland closes border crossings with Russia, and choppy waters ahead for Spain’s Pedro Sanchez. Also: Erdogan’s double game on the Middle East, Italy's mafia mega-trial, the EU's AI Act, and a night out at the circus.
23 Nov 2023 English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe 18 July 2024

Can Ursula von der Leyen unite EU factions in her second term? Finland plans to turn back refugees at the border, and activists fail to bloc a lithium mine in Serbia. Also: Erdogan is accused of hypocrisy over Israel's war in Gaza, why Russians' attitudes toward Ukraine are changing, could…
18 Jul 54 min

Inside Europe 11 July 2024

NATO says Ukraine’s path to membership is irreversible - Uncertainty in France after Sunday’s shock setback for the far-right - What does the UK’s new prime minister really stand for? - Viktor Orban’s rogue peace mission - And a special focus on the cut flower industry
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Inside Europe 4 July 2024

France is faced with an existential choice at the ballot box and Britain gets ready to end 14 years of Conservative Party rule. Also on the show: the inside story of an environmental crime investigation, a sports special and an arch-bishop on trial for schism.
4 Jul 55 min

Inside Europe 27 June 2024

France goes to the polls, the political script is flipped in the UK and the Danube region does some budget balancing. In the second half: the first installment of our new "Other Europes" series, showcasing hopeful stories from across the continent.
27 Jun 54 min

Inside Europe 20 June 2024

The EU’s Nature Restoration Law is approved - thanks to a rogue Austrian minister, the King of Brexit shakes up British politics and the Estonia-based academic recruited to spy for Moscow. Also: the man tipped to be NATO's next chief, Turkey profits from weapons to Ukraine, Kyiv gets unusual funding…
21 Jun 54 min