Online Holiday Tech

Wayne Muirhead, Chief Sales Officer for Tourvest Travel Services, joins Gareth and Bakh’abantu to discuss the hottest tech on a worldwide scale that helps you to not just book the holiday of your dreams, but also to manage every aspect of your trip.
27 Nov 2023 English South Africa Places & Travel · Business

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Sustainable Travel and Tourism

What does sustainability mean in relation to the South African tourism industry? Judi Nwokedi - Group Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of Tourvest - joins the team to explain.
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The TAG Foundation

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Sports Travel in 2024

What are the most popular sports events you might want to travel to this year? Jacqui Reid is an Incentive & Global Immersion Specialist at Tourvest, who has dedicated her life to helping clients reach their dreams of seeing the world. She shares some exciting ideas of sports events as…
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Last Minute Holidays

Is it too late for a festive season holiday? Good news - it's not! While it's best to plan in advance, there are still some options for the most sought after destinations. Plan your own adventure with
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