Tops@Lifestyle presents the Dop of the Day

Janie Barnes from Karoa Cara Distilleries and Eamonn Dowling from Tops at Lifestyle discuss two new arrivals.
Vark & Bull and Vark & Vuur
- Liqueurs released by local Ballito Distillery Karoa Cara Distilling Co
Vark and Bull
- is Herbal Liqueur crafted by Karoa Cara using amixture of our recycled Gin botanicals and adding an additional 24secret botanicals. It is then infused with a special Energy syrup for akick and a varking
good time.
Vark and Vuur
is an un -aged Whiskey infused with Saigon Cinnamon. Saigon has a much bolder taste and aroma for that spicy warm “hotshot” taste. Hence the name
Vark & VUUR
... it warms you from the inside out.
Process timeline
6-8 Weeks for maceration.
Perfect serve
- Extra chilled as a shot or mixed with Ginger beer like and old school dark and stormy “but we call it a
Vark & Horny
because of the Vark and Bull on the label.
Richie at Alchemy serves up some incredible cocktails featuring both these liqueurs...ask for your Spooky as Vark on your next visit.
30 Nov 2023 9AM English South Africa Leisure · Society & Culture

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