Inside Europe - 30 November 2023

What are the lessons from the Dutch elections won by far-right firebrand Geert Wilders, London receives its annual Christmas gift from Norway and Germany grapples with a €60 billion hole in its budget. Also: a new Lviv art venue opens amid the Ukraine war, earthquake legislation in Romania forces small firms to close and French winemakers ask: 'Where have all the drinkers gone?'
30 Nov 2023 English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe - 15 February 2024

Hungary resignations - the pedophile scandal that toppled a president. Green giggles - French ecologically conscious comedy. Memorial politics - what to do about Bulgaria’s communist era monuments? All that, plus a deep-dive into the controversial world of homeopathy in the company of DW's Don't Drink The Milk team.
15 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 8 February 2024

Dutch coalition talks break down leaving Wilders in limbo, Northern Ireland gets its first Republican first minister and the death knoll for gas-guzzling cars in Paris. Also: Kosovo's new currency rule irritates minority Serbs, we visit Turkey's Hatay a year after the earthquakes, southern Estonia begins its culture capital year…
8 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 2 February 2024

The EU reaches a deal with Orban, farmers threaten to blockade Paris, and a new report sets out a vision of two very different agro-futures. Then: Norway’s Prime Minister puts his full weight behind the Arctic Council, open source aficionados gather in Brussels, Estonian teachers go back to work, Italian…
1 Feb 55 min

Inside Europe - 25 January 2024

Turkey green-lights Sweden's NATO bid, a wake-up call for the EU elections, and Finland prepares to elect a president. Also: French politics and the fickle capital of youth, a journey to the heart of Germany's Zeitenwende, and leaning tower of… Bologna. Links - ECFR report:, Tania Roettger in The…
25 Jan 54 min

Inside Europe - 18 January 2024

Germany's far-right and the secret master-plan to deport millions of people, Can Dundar calls for a ban on the AfD, and Turkey's civil society crackdown continues. Also: Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Davos address, Spain's plastic pellet problem, France’s Depardieu dilemma, and a bracing encounter with Oslo's floating saunas… Correctiv investigation link:
18 Jan 54 min