Bible Corner | Perseverance

What exactly is perseverance, and is it
something that can be taught or are we born with it?
4 Dec 2023 English South Africa Christianity

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Family | Divorce - Introduction

Researchers of children of divorce are beginning to examine the far-reaching legacy of divorce in our society. What are the long-term effects?
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VOP Lesson | Will We Have Real Bodies in Heaven?

We answered the question on whether or not heaven is a real place, yesterday. Today we discuss our own physical state when we get there. Will we have our real bodies or will we transform into some kind of spirit beings?
20 Feb 16 min

Bible Corner | The Mark of the Beast

We introduced this subject yesterday with a basic study of how to identify this beast that is spoken of in Bible prophecy, and the weight of evidence that led protestant leaders to a firm conclusion on who, or what institution had all the hallmarks and identifiers of the beast. We…
20 Feb 12 min

Education | Inclusion

Inclusion is defined as the state of being included or being made a part of something. When multiple people are all invited to be part of a group, this is an example of inclusion. Inclusion is about honouring diversity, not ignoring it. In the classroom, it is about responding to…
19 Feb 17 min

VOP Lesson | Where is Heaven?

Is Heaven a real place? Some believe heaven isn't a physical place but rather a state of being or consciousness, a realm of pure potential and spiritual evolution. Certainly, the idea that heaven represents a realm or dimension of becoming rather than a physical place is a concept rooted in…
19 Feb 12 min