Why AI won't steal your job just yet (Graeme Codrington)

We invented tech to make our lives easier, not replace us! And with the development of AI, our lives are already impacted. But by how much?
Global speaker, TEDx veteran, author, and Futurist Graeme Codrington provides Don’t Hold Back’s Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba with the hard facts on some of the disrupting forces shaping our future work.
Qamngana-Mayaba asks Codrington whether, with all these rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, South Africans, who already face challenging employment prospects, should be worried about more job losses.
They also delve into what AI is and what it is not, explore Chat GPT's essence, discuss upcoming exciting developments to watch out for.
Qamngana-Mayaba also seeks advice from Codrington on how to stay ahead or at least keep up with AI advances.
“Chat GPT is probably a good second-year student: it thinks it knows everything, they’re learning how to communicate it. Actually, they know very little,” says Codrington.
In this wide-ranging interview, the two also cover:
• The South African general elections in 2024 and predictions.
• Our aversion to change.
• Cultural influences.
• And, surprisingly, ice cream!

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