#BizTrends2024:Nishen Hariparsad, BME’s GM for Tech and Innovation on the blasting industry’s role in emission reduction

You may think that emissions in mining are a problem and you'd be right because mining uses stupid amounts of energy. But curbing those emissions starts with the blasting process. So Nishan Hariparsad, general manager for technology and marketing at BME knows a little something about blasting and how the blasting industry is driving down emissions across the entire value chain.

“We acknowledge that the money industry is under pressure to not just prevent injuries, but also to deliver environmentally friendly solutions. So the technology that we have developed allows us to not just improve on toxic emissions generated on every blast, but also improve the mechanism of blasting and deliver on the customer's performance benefits.”

“We use renewable sources to power up our boilers. We have energy harvesting through some of our, equipment; and all of these talk to the decarbonisation journey.”

“Used oil initiatives in the industry consumes about 20% of the used oil in South Africa. This is a direct contribution to the circular economy of mineral oil in this country, and that alone provides a decarbonisation, benefit.”
31 Jan English South Africa Business News · Marketing

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