#BizTrends2024: Yesh Surjoodeen, MD HP Southern Africa, explains how PCs can win in 2024

The PC market is going through a time. They're losing market share to the Mac. Losing mind share because of a technology gap that is growing because they are relying on 3rd party suppliers like Intel and AMD. Who better than Yesh Sujedin, MD for HP South Africa to explain what the future of the PC looks like.

“I think that during the pandemic era, we had a lot of demand for devices that allowed people to be online, to socialize, to communicate, and to be in touch. So I think it's the right time for people to relook at their options available and to understand that the refresh cycle that's coming may include, a very informed decision.”

“The fact that you're having a product means that you're gonna dive into a lot more of the digital environment. Firstly, you're gonna be using a lot more applications. You're gonna be communicating far more effectively in the digital world. It was inevitable that we needed to have that digitization and that service level support. We accelerated having better options in terms of how you support it.”

“As an IT manager, you just don't wanna respond to the changes, you want to understand what is going on in your environment and be able to address problems before they happen.”
31 Jan English South Africa Business News · Marketing

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