Spiritual Sight

Many who are blind can actually see, and many who see are really blind. This paradox refers to how physical sight is often accompanied by inner, spiritual blindness. When Jesus healed a blind man, it became a living illustration of how some cannot see with their eyes, while others, can say with Newton “I once was blind, but now I see
28 Jan English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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The last invitation

The Bible sometimes has summary verses, or summary sections, where it compresses and distills truth into concentrated form. In John 12:37-50 have here a great opportunity to do an X-Ray on what is really going on in unbelief. Here we learn Why Some Do Not Believe, and Why You Must…
7 Apr 23 min

The Two Gardens

The fate of humanity was settled in two gardens. In one garden, a man chose a kind of life that brought death. In another garden, a man chose a kind of death that brought life.
31 Mar 22 min

What did the crown of thorns mean?

What did the crown of thorns mean? Though some anonymous Roman soldiers thought they were being funny and thought they were great heroes when they put the crown of thorns on Christ's head, little did they know that they were being used to communicate powerful gospel truth. Today, as we…
24 Mar 23 min

The Humble Glory of the Cross

Glory is either obtained selfishly through pride, or sacrificially, through humility. In a fallen world, there must be death before life, self-surrender before victory. Jesus taught this as He explained the paradox of the Cross.
17 Mar 24 min