Seeking the will of the Lord

Dr Mary Masina encourages us to align our lives with the will of God. In whatever situations you find yourself in and whatever God's spirit prompts you to do, don't fight it, just say "Your will Lord, not mine"
Matthews 26 : 36
5 Feb 5AM Xhosa South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Arise and walk

Pastor Bongani Moyo delivers a powerful message based on Acts 3:2-11, urging believers to arise and walk. He emphasizes that prayer should be the lifestyle of a believer, we believe God regardless of the circumstances. He's talking to people who had dreams that were aborted in the conception stage, even…
26 Jun 8AM 21 min

You are held by the God who rescues

Pastor J.M. Mahlangu teaches about being held by the God who rescues, drawing on Psalm 18:16-28 and Luke 1:68-79. He reminds the saints that no matter the situation, they are never alone. Referencing Psalm 13:4-5, he encourages believers to trust in God's unwavering presence and deliverance.
17 Jul 7AM 20 min

The battle is real! Stay dependent on Jesus Christ

Pastor J.M. Mahlangu emphasizes the importance of staying dependent on Jesus Christ, highlighting the reality of the spiritual battle we face. He references Proverbs 27:12 and Psalm 34:4-7 to illustrate the need for vigilance and trust in God's protection. He also cites Ephesians 6:12-13, reminding us that our struggle is…
17 Jul 7AM 21 min

Power of consistency #2

Pastor Bongani Moyo continues his discussion on the power of consistency, focusing on Luke 18:1-8. He emphasizes that prayer is the system God uses to answer His children. Today, the message centers on the parable of the persistent widow who repeatedly sought justice from the judge. The pastor encourages us…
25 Jun 9AM 20 min