Harvest Horribilis produces grapes of hope | Emile Joubert

Emile and Carrie discuss their love for wine and their drinking habits. They also talk about managing wine cellars and the art and craft of alcohol. The conversation then shifts to the 2024 harvest and the effects of weather on the grapes. They discuss the lower yields and the impact on wine quality. The shortage of wine and the quality of the 2024 vintage are also explored. Finally, they discuss the importance of vineyards in wine quality and the role of cooperatives in the wine industry.

They discuss various topics related to the wine industry, including the role of wine judges, the success of big producers, the support for cooperatives, the need for affordable wines, the decline of wine journalism, and the importance of traditional wine media. Carrie and Emile also explore the role of digital influencers in wine communication, the perception of expensive wines, and the challenges faced by small producers. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the future of wine journalism and the potential for a road trip to visit cooperative winemakers.
28 Mar English South Africa Leisure · Food

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