Inside Europe 28 March 2024

Will Putin use the Moscow attack to further tighten his grip? Could a pro-western candidate win Slovakia's presidential election? And the refugee crisis in Europe that no one is talking about. Also: A secret recording hints at more corruption in Hungary's government, is it 'Time's up' for Spain's late-night bar culture? and 100-year-old Dutch prisons are remodeled for the 21st century.
28 Mar English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe 23 May 2024

Europe, Israel and the ICC, Britain's tainted blood scandal and Turkey's nuclear connections. Also: shoring up European reproductive rights, a Russian propaganda film in Italy, Czechia remembers Roma victims of the Holocaust and Serbia's Ministry of Space.
23 May 54 min

Inside Europe 16 May 2024

The many political lives of Slovakia’s Robert Fico, Czechia plots its own course, a devastating week for Ukraine, and an AfD check. Also: Georgia’s Foreign Agents Law, Catalonian election hangover, Turkish crime crackdown and a fashionable reimagining of the Balkans route.
16 May 55 min

Inside Europe 9 May 2024

It’s Eurovision Finals week so we’ve gone all out on a Euro-Culture special! Alongside the hottest-takes from Malmo 2024, we’ll be bringing you the best of Liveurope in Brussels, and the arrival of the Olympic torch in Marseille. Enjoy… because this is about as lycra-packed as Inside Europe is ever…
9 May 54 min

Inside Europe 2 May 2024

The Gaza flotilla activists stranded in Turkey, why Scotland's Humza Yousaf quit while Spain's Pedro Sanchez stays and media activists call for the right to information. Also: EU election season is officially under, why EU enlargement states have veered to the far-right, the end for Slovakia's public broadcaster, Venice's pay-to-get-in…
2 May 54 min

Inside Europe 25 April 2024

Fifty years after Portugal's Carnation Rvolution, we journey through the mutinous streets of Lisbon, plus the EU's Green Deal is in trouble: can it be saved? We also focus on the topic of land — Danish land that’s been deliberately flooded, Bulgarian land deliberately left un-tilled and Italian land bought…
25 Apr 54 min