#FirstThingsFirst - Ramaphosa’s tenure as President.

Ahead of elections, people usually take stock of how they voted in the previous elections, and whether that vote yielded desired results. When Cyril Ramaphosa took over as the President of the country, there was hope that he would change things around. The team take their own stock of Ramaphosa’s tenure as the President and ask, “now that you have observed or experienced his first term, how do you feel about it? Do you think he is any different from his predecessor?”
24 Apr 1AM English South Africa Entertainment News

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#OpenLine: DNA testing, quota system in sports, the state of the ANC, etc.

Today’s open line comprised of discussions on the inner workings of Kaya 959 and its presenters. Other topics included the never-ending debate on quota system in sports, especially in cricket. They also quizzed a caller who asked why DNA testing is not compulsory at birth. Moreover, Sizwe Dhlomo shared his…
17 May 2AM 16 min

Business Update - Rolex closes operations in SA.

On Business Update, Gugulethu Mfuphi joined Sizwe Dhlomo to speak about the closing of operations of luxury watch brand Rolex. They also discussed Nampak selling its Nigerian operations.
17 May 2AM 4 min

#FirstThingsFirst - The role of media and arts in nation building.

The #SizTheWorld team have an absorbing discussion about the type of entertainment and media we consume. They posed a myriad of questions. Like, “how do you feel about where media, and arts in its entirety, is now? Does it build society? Does it have a responsibility to play or it’s…
17 May 2AM 16 min