Angel overcomes the thing we hate the MOST about ADULTING

Adulting is hard! I mean why don't they teach you this instead of the difference between shale or igneous rock? Angel shared with Eugene and Dean on The Joy Ride what she overcame after 3 years of procrastinating!
15 May English South Africa Improv

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AI to help Real Estate Agents in Australia with Ethics

AI is the buzzword everywhere. The rise of a new dawn or the doom of mankind? In Australia, a real estate company is embracing the former in helping Estate Agents with ethics! Question is, can AI be taught ethics or is it a human trait, exclusively? That's what was discussed…
11 Jun 2 min

Sunday Night Anxiety IS A THING!!!

Believe it or not, Angel shared with The Joy Ride team that Sunday Night anxiety is actually a thing and she experienced it first hand!
10 Jun 2 min