Martin Brand

Martin Brand

General Surgery podcast topics aimed at medical students and early career medical doctors, providing key information to understand, diagnose and treat common general surgical diseases through succinct interviews.
South Africa
3 Podcast shows

Students of Surgery

An overview of surgical topics aimed at medical students coming to their clinical surgery rotations, as well as refreshers for early career medical doctors working in surgical departments. These podcasts provide core knowledge of topics, providing a platform to commence deeper learning.
27 Jul 2020 48 episodes English Natural Sciences · Education

Medicine Shredded

This series consists of voice notes, each approximately 2 minutes long, in which Prof Martin Brand and colleagues provide short understandable descriptions of common topics for health care professionals and students.
12 Jun 14 episodes English Education · Natural Sciences

What's wrong with that patient?

In this podcast series common clinical scenarios are discussed; from their presentation with relevant history and clinical examination findings, to the development of a differential diagnosis and an approach to coming to the final diagnosis. An essential resource for medical students, and refresher for early career doctors.
19 Feb 4 episodes English Natural Sciences · Life Sciences