Martin Brand What's wrong with that patient?

What's wrong with that patient?

In this podcast series common clinical scenarios are discussed; from their presentation with relevant history and clinical examination findings, to the development of a differential diagnosis and an approach to coming to the final diagnosis. An essential resource for medical students, and refresher for early career doctors.
Weekly English South Africa Natural Sciences · Life Sciences
3 Episodes

HPB: An approach to liver lesions

In this episode and Christelle Viljoen and Lara Greyling discuss with Prof Brand an approach to an undifferentiated liver lesion.
11 Apr 2022 10 min

HPB: An approach to a patient with obstructive jaundice

In this podcast with Annemie Steyn and Nicollete Kock we go through an approach to a patient with surgical or obstructive jaundice. Identify the red flags, discuss differential diagnoses and how to investigate them and make a management plan.
1 Apr 2022 14 min

General Surgery: A general approach to surgical patients

In this episode Bryce Svensson and Mayuri Ramnarain deal with a general approach to a surgical patient. Principles are discussed which may be applied when seeing any patient with a surgical problem, from first impressions, to red flags to making a diagnosis.
1 Apr 2022 10 min