Head & Neck: Adult midline neck mass

In this episode Harafeze and Folakemi work their way through the presentation, differential diagnosis, examination and investigations of common midline neck masses in an adult.
19 Feb English South Africa Natural Sciences · Life Sciences

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HPB: An approach to liver lesions

In this episode and Christelle Viljoen and Lara Greyling discuss with Prof Brand an approach to an undifferentiated liver lesion.
11 Apr 2022 10 min

HPB: An approach to a patient with obstructive jaundice

In this podcast with Annemie Steyn and Nicollete Kock we go through an approach to a patient with surgical or obstructive jaundice. Identify the red flags, discuss differential diagnoses and how to investigate them and make a management plan.
1 Apr 2022 14 min

General Surgery: A general approach to surgical patients

In this episode Bryce Svensson and Mayuri Ramnarain deal with a general approach to a surgical patient. Principles are discussed which may be applied when seeing any patient with a surgical problem, from first impressions, to red flags to making a diagnosis.
1 Apr 2022 10 min