SA Commuter

SA Commuter

SA Commuter is a streaming radio station that creates a platform for South Africans worldwide to Communicate with each other.

Our podcasts are published 2 weeks after our daily communications through the streaming channel so you can listen at your convenience and share our content with others. Find us on every day between 10am - 4pm daily.

South Africa
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Live Love Listen with Geniene Preston

Live with us as we talk to people who do amazing things and who live no matter what. Love our hobbies, our families, travel, pets , all the things that make us lovable humans. Listen to those who try and explain what goes on behind scams, round table discussions about…
14 Mar 1 episodes English Documentary · Documentary

Life is a Beach Podcast with Geniene Preston

Interesting interviews, fascinating stories, that’s what makes podcasts interesting. And as a seasoned interviewer living in South Africa but having visited over 80 countries and meeting many people on that journey, I have the perfect platform to get the best out of them. I have been publishing magazines since 2000…
14 Mar 58 episodes English Society & Culture

SAPRO Global Exporters of Uniquely South African Goods

Sapro International is a 25-year-old South African owned and operated company and one of SA’s largest exporters of FMCG goods. We export over 8 500 quality, uniquely South African goods to customers all over the world. Our passion is to provide the highest level of service, not only in terms…
7 Sep 2023 8 episodes English Business · Food

Susanne 4 Travel

Susanne Reissig of Reissig Travel and Tours, brings you life as a tour guide. As she has had so many years in the tourism industry especially with the German market, Susanne is the ideal presenter for a travel show.
0 episodes English Places & Travel