PAGECAST: Season 1

49 EPISODES | PAGECAST BY JONATHAN BALL PUBLISHERS |  Podcast, ±30 min episode every 6 days
Released every Monday at 7 am, Pagecast Season 1 offers you insider interviews with recently published authors and their latest books. We look into the process of writing these books, explore the narratives within and provide you with the story behind the story.

TGE's Current Read

11 EPISODES | TGE MEDIA |  Podcast, ±37 min episode every 5 weeks, 5 days
Sam Herbst (co-host of The Great Equalizer) catches up with authors to chat about their books. TGE's Current Read offers word nerds, bibliophiles and literature buffs a glimpse into the mind of an author and showcases the latest books that the world's biggest publishing houses have on offer. Subscribe and join the conversation with TGE and authors from around the globe.

The Homebru Podcasts 2021

11 EPISODES | EXCLUSIVE BOOKS |  Podcast, ±19 min episode every 1 week, 5 days
The Homebru Podcasts are back!

As part of our Homebru celebration we are excited to announce that we will once again be recording a series of Homebru author discussion podcasts with Jonathan Ancer, Lerato Sibanda and Dan Dewes.

Exclusive Books’ Homebru is a celebration of the diversity that is local writing, covering fresh perspectives on history, sharing never-told-before personal stories, challenging established views, and excavating the trough of political policy.
Exclusive Books Homebru. Not the same old story.

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