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The Ask Coach Parry Podcast features Lindsey Parry with the coach answering a specific running question in every episode.
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Should you be training to pace or to heart rate

How often do you find that your prescribed heart rate zone does not match your expected pace or the pace that is required of you for that training session? How do you ensure that you hit your zones while sticking to your training schedule? Listen to this edition of the…
17 Jan 2022 4 min

Choosing the right Comrades Training Program for you

As with any race, preparation is key. That includes picking the right training program for you and getting ready for the Comrades Marathon is no different. It is vital that you pick the right program for your level to ensure that come race day you are fresh, healthy, fit and…
13 Jan 2022 4 min

Training for an Ultra but mostly training on Trails

Are you training for an Ultra Marathon but do most of your training on the trails? Is it advisable to spend more time on the trails when your goal race is a road event? How can you best manage your training for an Utra Marathon when you do most of…
10 Jan 2022 4 min

How to plan your year

Every year, we as runners tend to mostly take some form of a break, or ease off on the training, during the festive period. But how do you restart your year? How to plan? Do you just pick a race and "smash" it? How to get the most out of…
6 Jan 2022 5 min

When to push through pain when coming back from surgery or injury

You've been injured, are coming back from surgery. And in training you feel pain. When is it good to push through the pain and when do you know when to back off? Sports Scientist, Devlin Eydin has the answers in this edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast.
30 Dec 2021 4 min

Can a raised heart rate indicate the onset of a bug/virus

Have you ever noticed a raised heart rate in training, even though you feel comfortable? Could this be an indication of an incoming bug or virus? Sport Scientist, Shona Hendricks explains what elevated heart rate could indicate, including how weather factors affect your heart rate.
27 Dec 2021 4 min

Measuring your Heart Rate for Training when over 50

We often hear about the "180 minus your age to give you your max heart rate" rule. For runners over 50 there is also an idea of "190 minus your age" idea. Is there any merit in it? Can this be used? And how can it be used? Sports Scientist,…
20 Dec 2021 4 min

What to do about hamstring problems

Have a hamstring problem? Is stretching the hamstring the solution? What are the causes of hamstring problems? How can you fix a tight hamstring? Sport Scientist, Lindsey Parry has the answers
16 Dec 2021 4 min

The reason for your taper

Everyone has heard about "The Taper". But why is it so important? How long should it be? How exactly do you implement it? Sports Scientist Devlin Eydin has the answers in this edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast.
9 Dec 2021 3 min

How to train in the off season

Not wanting to lose too much fitness during the off season? Going into the winter months and not wanting to lose all the gains from the previous year? Sports Scientist Devlin Eydin explains what you can do in your off season and/or winter season to make sure you come back…
6 Dec 2021 3 min

Training through the festive period

The festive period is fast approaching and this is generally the time in which we relax, unwind and let routine go for a bit to just recover in life. So how do you maintain your training and fitness level during this time? Sports Scientist, Lindsey Parry offers some valuable advice…
2 Dec 2021 6 min

Splitting your long run

Don't have time to do long runs? Can you split your long run into two sessions? What options do you have if time is a factor and you need to get your ;one runs in? Sport Scientist Shona Hendricks explains how you can overcome this obstacle.
29 Nov 2021 3 min

Coming back from a long lay off

What to do when you are coming back from a long lay off, be it from injury, circumstances, life or lack of motivation? Can you drive straight back into your training? What should you do and what should you not do when you come back to running after a long…
25 Nov 2021 3 min

Determining your Threshold Heart Rate

How do you go about determining what is your Threshold Heart Rate? Why is it important? How does it affect your training? Should you use Maximum Heart Rate or Threshold Heart Rate in your training? The answers from Lindsey Parry in this edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast.
22 Nov 2021 6 min

How to Foam Roll

Foam Rolling is very much part of your recovery. However many runners are not sure how to do it correctly and when they should be doing it. In this edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast, Sports Scientist, Devlin Eydin, explains how and when to use Foam Rolling in your…
15 Nov 2021 3 min

Running to pace or to heart rate

Should you be running to the pace prescribed in your training program, even if it sends the heart rate higher than it should be for that training session? Sport Scientist Shona Hendricks has the answers.
11 Nov 2021 3 min

How to maintain fitness post surgery

Have you just undergone surgery and are not able to run? Are you looking for ways in which to maintain your fitness until such a time as you can go and run again? What options do you have that won't negatively affect your rehabilitation? Sport Scientist, Devlin Eyden has the…
8 Nov 2021 4 min
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