180 Degrees

180 Degrees is a Godly, diverse and exciting Christian program that youth of all ages can relate to.180 Degrees also includes interesting and to-the-point interviews that address different topics each week; from fundraisers and events to difficult issues, like dealing with teenage pregnancy or dealing with infants whose lives are affected by FADS. A brain-wrecking Bible Quiz also allows for further live on-air interaction. Another exciting highlight of the program is the weekly Happy Health Tip, which is a fun and quirky way of introducing new ways for listeners to take care of themselves without it seeming like a chore!
Weekly English South Africa Christianity
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180 Degrees - Jason George - Independent Artist

30.01.2023 - This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be chatting to an up and coming, local Nigerian artisit who is based in Cape Town. Jason George has been in the worship industry for almost 20 years, starting off as a "PK" and transitioning into a member of the…
30 Jan 2023 48 min

180 Degrees - William Welkom

23.01.2023 - This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be chatting to an up and coming, local South African artist named William Welkom. He has recently released a new single that serves as his debut single and he is here to tell us all the story behind his experience.
23 Jan 2023 40 min

180 Degrees - Kolping Mbumba - Heroes Academy SA

26.12.2022 - Heroes Academy SA (NPC) provides ongoing self-development workshops to boys living in communities besieged by violent crime, gangsterism and substance abuse. The workshops are run in local schools across Dunoon, Philippi and Khayelitsha over a 16 week period, providing boys with access to several positive male role models…
26 Dec 2022 43 min

180 Degrees - Olakunle Olanipekun

12.12.2022 - Mr Olakunle Olanipekun Known as Deejay Kool is a young man that hails from Lagos Nigeria, Born in June 25, 1983 into a Religious family of 5 boys. Growing Up in the Era and environment where the Society does not accommodate and provide enough or the necessary basic…
12 Dec 2022 47 min

180 Degrees - Tolulola George

05.12.2022 - This week the 180 Girls will be chatting to the leader of a local NGO, Tusimame Wanawake, an organization that focuses on promoting and protecting the rights and interested of South Africa's minority migrant population. This group s group for migrants by migrants. Tolulola, the leader, is here…
5 Dec 2022 45 min

180 Degrees - Jumbo Ane - Independent Artist

21.11.2022 - This week the girls of 180 Degrees will be speaking to an international reocrding artist. Jumbo Ane is a US-based gospel artise. He is also a prolific trumpeter who occasionally ventures in jazz. He is the music director for Jesus House, located in Maryland USA. He is married…
21 Nov 2022 45 min

180 Degrees - Evan Wade - rapper and song writer

07.11.2022 - This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be chatting to Evan Wade. Evan Wade born Evan Wade Paulse, this young South African rapper and song writer traces his roots to Mitchells Plain in Cape Town. His musical inspiration of Christian gospel, romance and the street culture surrounding…
7 Nov 2022 42 min
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