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OFM School of Podcasting opens up the playing field

Are you thinking of joining the world of podcasting? If you are, let the OFM School of Podcasting help bring your audio content ideas to fruition. Nick Efstathiou, the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Media Group (CMG) under which OFM falls says “it seems the belief is that experts,…
23 Mar 2PM 5 min

No more Jazz on the Lawn, but it was a great run

The founder of Jazz on the Lawn in Bloemfontein, Free State, Lesley Jennings, says she had a great and smooth run during her days planning and producing the outdoor event. Jazz on the Lawn, which came to an end in 2021 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. According…
23 Mar 1AM 6 min

Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering - a class act

Did you know that the largest, single-source supplier of auto-electrical, heavy-duty components, collision avoidance systems and associated technical services in Southern Africa is right here in our own backyard in Central South Africa?   I’m speaking about Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering in Kathu of course. Eddie Smith, CEO, Trysome Auto…
17 Mar 7AM 3 min

‘Honour contracts to the very end’ – PH Attorneys

The termination of contracts can often times be made out of haste, leaving disgruntled parties vulnerable to the fine print. “Honour contracts to the very end” warns Millisanté de Wee, an Associate in the Commercial department at PH Attorneys formerly known as Phatshoane Henney Attorneys. She tells the OFM Business…
16 Mar 3PM 9 min

'Go the egg-stra mile and donate blood' - SANBS

As families plan their vacations for the Easter weekend, the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is bracing itself to deal with low blood collections at this busy time of the year. Shivanie Lutchman, Donor relations Practitioner at the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) provides an update on the…
16 Mar 3PM 4 min

Dear contractors, take extra note of those time-bar clauses!

Clients and contractors are urged to take extra note of time-bar clauses in construction projects. Herman du Randt, an Associate in the Dispute Resolution Department at PH Attorneys, previously known as Phatshoane Henney, tells the OFM Business Hour that construction contract parties are often caught sleeping on the time-bar clauses…
14 Mar 9AM 7 min

Is your business feeling the pinch of the minimum wage?

Is your business feeling the pinch of the 9,6% hike in the national minimum wage? If so, not all is lost, there are some alternatives you can explore to lighten the load on your wage bill. As of 1 March 2023 South Africa’s new minimum hourly wage rate rose by…
10 Mar 11AM 11 min

Save a life, donate blood during the SANBS Egg-Stra Mile Campaign

As the Easter period approaches the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) calls upon all South Africans to donate blood, to ensure sufficient stock of safe blood is available during the busy season. SANBS Donor Relations Practitioner, Refiloe Tsotetsi, encourages central South Africans to support the Egg-Stra Mile Campaign in…
10 Mar 8AM 7 min

Social markets might be the future of events

Rolling blackouts have had a significant impact on the events industry, but Koolest Sunday founder Lwando Mhobo believes social markets may be the way of the future for event planning companies. Mhobo says that while any event can be organised around a load-shedding schedule, social markets have an advantage because…
8 Mar 1PM 3 min

Business 101 met iFlair photography’s– Francois Van Vuuren

Konsekwentheid is die sleutel tot jou besigheid se sukses - vir ons sessie op Dinsdae se Business 101, het ons vandeesweek van Iflair Photography se Francois van Vuuren gehoor. Francois se fotografiereis het begin toe hy Sondae, terwyl sy pa 'n middagslapie geniet het, sy pa se kamera gesteel het…
8 Mar 1PM 9 min

The journey of becoming a Mrs

Zooming in on the business of wedding planning, a fashion designer at Dé Wear, Sadé Jansen, details to the OFM Business Hour the process of delivering a dream wedding dress for future wives. Jansen says to deliver a perfect wedding dress, one needs to have a relationship with the client.
8 Mar 1PM 6 min

The As and Bs of wedding planning

As we are nearing the end of the wedding season in South Africa, the OFM Business Hour spoke to the founder and CEO of ENVIE, Tony Peng. The ENVIE concept, founded in 2012, is a creative lifestyle and concept Design Company, with a focus on planning, styling, and executing what…
6 Mar 9AM 10 min

‘Identify opportunities in your sector and make the most of them’

South Africa may be facing a plethora of challenges, however the key to success for your business remains identifying the opportunities that exist within your sector and making the most of them. These are the words of Brendan Jacobs, Standard Bank’s head of Client Coverage Business Clients in the Free…
21 Feb 8AM 8 min

The business of Valentine’s Day

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, OFM Business Hour spoke to two local business owners, florist Sharon Folkey from Cross Country Flowers - who has been in the business for over 20 years - and the owner and founder of A Long Table, Motheo Morgan.
15 Feb 10AM 5 min
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