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Conscious Conversations with Mmabatho Montse

Season 3 is centred around people of colour in Africa and the Diaspora. People of colour continue to suffer from the effects of structural racism and White supremacy. This structural discrimination and the subsequent stigmatisation have inflicted multiple traumas on people of colour that have developed into degenerative, fear-based ways of existing, causing a disconnection between relatives, community, the land and ancestral wisdom.

In this season’s Conscious Conversations, we hope to give listeners tools to increase
their self-awareness, shift the beliefs they hold about themselves, shift their values to reflect a philosophy of Ubuntu, and find out how to use their resources to recover, transform and restore themselves, their families, and their communities in a regenerative way that will nourish their whole being and strengthen their connection
with our Source.
Weekly English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality
21 Episodes
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Settler Coloniality, Decolonising Space, Imagining New Futures

Settler colonialism in urban and rural landscapes in Africa has not only meant dispossession of land; it is also an ongoing system of power-use that has sought to homogenise, sterilise and decontextualise space and place. This linear way of thinking perpetuates the repression and genocide of peoples, and the exploitation…
14 May 1 hr 25 min

The Path of Fearlessness, Healing and Liberation

Societies across the globe are built on a dominant culture – an oppressive, violent, hurtful, exploitative and destructive fear-based culture that thrives on inequalities in terms of gender, race, class and income. Dominance as a cultural construct has for centuries had a strong presence in institutions, influencing the socio-political agenda…
29 Apr 1 hr 38 min

Afro/ Black Indigeneity & Sovereignty

In seeking to have a deep understanding of indigenous-Black identities, human and non-human, one cannot help but think about the ramifications and the intersections of anti-Black racism, slavery, gender inequality, colonialism, erasure, of history, fractured identities, sovereignty, land dispossession and violence. These issues are entangled with the spiritual, social, political…
16 Apr 1 hr 19 min

The Great Invitation and the Gift

The world has been carved up by the great powers which have spiritually and economically dominated people, pushing them to strive for national dignity and nationhood. Ancestral wisdom and customs and traditional economics have been disrupted, and human energy and skills have been harnessed for the advantage of the conquerors…
9 Apr 1 hour

Unlearning, Learning, New Pathways

Our vision for Season 3 is centred around people of colour in Africa and the Diaspora. People of colour continue to suffer from the effects of structural racism and White supremacy. This structural discrimination and the subsequent stigmatisation have inflicted multiple traumas on people of colour that have developed into…
2 Apr 49 min

African cultural heritage and digitisation

The African continent is rich with diverse cultures, indigenous knowledge systems, and technologies. Our culture involves our social behaviour and norms, our languages, knowledge, beliefs, traditions, arts, capacities, and habits. Over decades, we have seen the deliberate alienation and marginalization of African cultural values and traditions by the designs of…
28 Apr 2023 1 hr 03 min

An African view: Agriculture & Spirituality

African people were uprooted from their long-standing indigenous agricultural way of life which involved maintaining a harmonious relationship between communities, nature, and traditional religious practices. These practices involved ceremonies, festivals, and rituals in alignment with the cycles of the seasons. Embodied, enacted, and reinforced in these traditions were sacred values…
21 Apr 2023 1 hr 17 min

Finding alignment through Astrology

Astrology in Africa, as in other societies, has for many years been considered a form of divination that involves forecasting earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of the Sun, the Moon, the fixed stars, and other planets. According to ancient practices originating from Mesopotamia, astrology shaped the…
14 Apr 2023 1 hr 15 min

Reframing and reclaiming black narratives in the media

African people have for many years lived having to suppress who they were, whether it be through the expression of their languages, traditions (enforcement of Christianity), culture (dance, song, style)... simply, their way of Being. There exist deep connections between Black South Africans and Americans because of our shared long…
7 Apr 2023 1 hr 31 min

Healing through family constellations

Family constellations as an area of research can be found in modern psychology and in the indigenous ancestral reverence practices of the Nguni people. Family constellations is therapy based on the belief that energy, both negative and positive, can be found in familial bonds and can manifest as patterns of…
31 Mar 2023 56 min

The nexus between African family structures & spirituality

Dr Baba Buntu is a Community Scholar and Decolonial Practitioner. He is also the founding director of eBukhosini Solutions, a people-centred company specializing in African-Centered Education. As a Pan-African educator, writer, researcher, mentor and counsellor, Baba Buntu has more than 30 years of experience in conceptualizing and implementing programs on…
24 Mar 2023 1 hr 09 min

Reframing Education for the African Context

Quality education is said to promise highly developed and empowered individuals who can explore the peculiarities of their environment to obtain expertise and knowledge that will lead to innovation and advancement within a society. The word education is often referred to in the context of deliberate effort to equip the…
17 Mar 2023 1 hr 07 min

Africa - the ties that bind us

African culture is vast, vibrant and colourful. Africans are known for their warmth, vibrant culture, traditions, religions, food, art, dance, and music among many things. While it has been decades since African countries gained their independence from colonial rule and oppression, the legacies of colonisation continue to permeate society through…
9 Mar 2023 41 min

Motherhood, singlehood and love

Authenticity: the courage to be yourself. In this conversation, we talk about embracing motherhood, singlehood and love. How we can be happy in our individuality rather than be stuffed into a predefined mould? Gomo Manche shares her experiences around staying grounded and authentic and honouring herself as a woman.
6 Oct 2022 1 hr 50 min

Healing Your Inner Child

Reparenting Your Inner Child. In this conversation we speak about healing the inner child, and how this work can be used to address the roots of internal conflict and struggle, unmet needs from childhood and the attachment wounds developed over time, and how these can be transformed into positive and…
29 Sep 2022 1 hr 11 min

Touch therapy, a healing tool

A touch of God is a natural therapy applied to heal the body, mind and spirit. In this conversation, we speak to Matthew Rademan, founder of Kahe Hands Massage Studios. Kahe Hands apply a Hawaiian healing approach to touch therapy which distinctively focuses on and recognises the inherent integrity of…
22 Sep 2022 59 min

The Heart of Africa

In this conversation, we speak to Bokka du Toit about Africa, its humility and wisdom. Bokka has spent decades of his life in film production, doing design work and building sacred temples in Africa. Through his spiritual journey, he has learned about African indigenous knowledge and spirituality, which is enriched…
15 Sep 2022 1 hr 25 min


Finding the meaning of connectedness through Oneness. In this conversation, we speak to QuingRa, founder of Eanna Temple of Light and Wisdom. We chat about the power of Oneness to gain insight into collective consciousness and how understanding principles of oneness can help us to live more profoundly in good…
8 Sep 2022 56 min

Umsamo - the family tree

The soul of a family tree: Ancestors. In this conversation, we speak to Neo Mavuso Magabane, a strategy management consultant and Ngaka. We speak to Neo about Umsamo, a sacred place within a home where families and individuals communicate with their ancestors, an anchor for the bloodline, a place where…
1 Sep 2022 1 hour


How mindfulness can positively influence the quality of your life. In this conversation, we speak to Channelie van Staden, a spiritual guide and entrepreneur, about mindfulness. She speaks to us about the opportunity mindfulness provides us with, an opportunity to be aware, to be present, to pay attention, and that…
18 Aug 2022 51 min
1 – 20