Reframing and reclaiming black narratives in the media

African people have for many years lived having to suppress who they were, whether it be through the expression of their languages, traditions (enforcement of Christianity), culture (dance, song, style)... simply, their way of Being.
There exist deep connections between Black South Africans and Americans because of our shared long history of racial segregation and white supremacy. Where entire societies were structured against the Black community, which meant no economic, social, or cultural power. The cultural legacies of this history have influenced how the stories of black people have been portrayed in the media, which has often meant "being inferior" and unacceptable. While institutionalised racial segregation ended in 1964 in the United States of America, and in 1994 in South Africa - we see how media, ideology, and popular culture continue to portray Black people as inferior, with certain stereotypes that propagate controversial and misconstrued images of what it means to be Black.

In this conversation, we speak to Joy Donnell about how we, as black people, can reframe the narrative around what it means to be black by telling our stories in an authentic way, ultimately redefining what it means to be black. Joy is a producer and writer dedicated to creating media that builds cultural legacy. She believes in owning your power and for Joy, power is owning your voice, image, narrative, influence and intentions. Joy’s work actively combines publicity, content strategy, and media to build legacy and expand awareness.
7 Apr 2023 English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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