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A Hypnotist talks to himself about Hypnosis

It being the 1st of April and all, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to interview myself, seeing as no-one else would do it! So here I am chatting to myself about when I first encountered hypnosis and my journey towards becoming a hypnotherapist. I talk about my…
Season 0 / Episode 25 min

Is hypnosis magic?

Stuart Heale chats to me about his journey. He started believing there was real magic when he saw a magician when he was young, soon to be disillusioned when he learned the secrets of magic. His belief in magic was re-established once he learned how to help people with hypnosis…
Season 0 / Episode 38 min

Did You Live in a Past Life?

Is there such a thing as past lives? How will we ever know if we have lived in a past life and is a Past Life Regression real? I speak with Leanne Pillay and we touch on this subject, as she tells me about her hypnosis journey. Leanne Pillay ·…
Season 0 / Episode 26 min

Childbirth without drugs? Is hypnobirthing a safe alternative?

Today we visit Angharad Parry who is a practicing hypnotherapist based in Wales. She tells us about hypnobirthing, how to use self-hypnosis in the birthing process as a safe alternative to going to a hospital and using drugs. We speak about other types of clients that she helps with hypnosis,…
Season 0 / Episode 40 min

How can people who suffer from dementia benefit from hypnosis?

Petra Nicol is a South African hypnotherapist who works in KwaZulu-Natal. She speaks to me about her practice. She has many years experience, having also taught hypnosis. Interestingly, she works with people who suffer from dementia. We chat about how people like this can get help through hypnosis. We also…
Season 0 / Episode 51 min

Is Google shutting down Hypnotherapists?

Sharon Dill C.HT is a Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist who studied with the South African Institute of Hypnotism. She studied and qualified in Johannesburg, where she has run a highly successful full-time practice for over 6 years. Sharon facilitates exceptional hypnosis sessions utilizing the latest techniques, in order to achieve…
Season 0 / Episode 36 min

How do you overcome limiting beliefs?

Richard Morris has written a book called "Hit Refresh Now" and it is a guide to help you overcome your limiting beliefs. In this episode, part 1 of a 2 part series, I chat to him about the process of writing the book and delve more into what limiting beliefs…
Season 0 / Episode 37 min

Can Hypnosis lead to a spiritual awakening?

Meet Natalie Candela, a Hypnotherapist from the USA. We chat about how Natalie got interested in hypnosis. Coming from an educational background, she feels that hypnosis is another method of training people, albeit a very personal one. It is interesting to me how hypnosis practitioners worldwide use the same language…
Season 0 / Episode 34 min

Can hypnosis help you get more self-confidence?

Gary Watkins is a hypnotherapist from KwaZulu-Natal. In this interview, he chats with me about his practice and the kind of clients that he helps. Hypnosis is slowly but surely becoming more mainstream, but there are too few people who are in full-time practice, especially outside of the big cities…
Season 0 / Episode 26 min

Learn the secrets of Hypnosis!

Arthur Long D.Emed, EPP, C.Cht has over 50 years of international hypnotherapy experience, therefore he has assisted thousands of clients to regain control of their lives, alleviating stress and depression, unwanted habits and addictions. Plus people can improve their self-esteem, improve performance (physical and mental). Hypnotherapy also helps overcome depression…
Season 0 / Episode 33 min

Will you trust an IT specialist to reprogram your mind?

Thomas Budge is arguably the guru of South African hypnosis. In this episode he talks about how he discovered hypnosis and got involved in training. He speaks about his efforts to establish a Guild of Hypnotists for Southern Africa and how to reinvigorate it. He shares some secrets about waking…
Season 0 / Episode 48 min

Why is SA's top stage hypnotist working in a call centre?

Andre Grove, also known as Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist, works in a call center. Why is he not on stage entertaining audiences? How did he learn how to do stage hypnosis? What makes his shows so funny? He answers these and many other questions in this interview. He also speaks…
Season 0 / Episode 28 min

Can a venue's design help you get in touch with the Metaphysical?

Hendrik has reopened his hypnosis practice at Soul Oasis Urban Retreat. In this interview, he chats all things metaphysical with owner Donovan Robinson. Soul Oasis Urban Retreat in the outskirts of Centurion, a place where you can slow down and find your inner peace. At Soul Oasis you can attend…
Season 0 / Episode 38 min

How is hypnosis accepted in a small rural town?

Susan Kruger is a hypnotherapist who works in the rural province of Limpopo in South Africa. There are not many hypnotists who work in small town as she does, most are in or close to large cities. She talks to me about the challenges she experiences, also because she was…
Season 0 / Episode 19 min

Can you manipulate somebody using NLP?

Grant Hamel is a South African who has recently relocated to the UK. In this episode, he speaks with me about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). How do we create a model of the world? How do our senses influence the experience of the world? How do we delete, distort, and generalize…
Season 0 / Episode 49 min

How can athletes and sportspeople benefit from hypnosis?

Hypnotherapist Richard Morris specializes in helping athletes and sportspeople excel by fine-tuning their minds before competitions. How does he do it? How can you program yourself to win using the power of your mind? What else is hypnosis good for? Hendrik Baird Services and Hypnosis Works! · Hendrik Baird on…
Season 0 / Episode 36 min

Can hypnosis help you renew your thinking?

There has been much criticism against hypnosis from some religious quarters. In this episode, Hendrik chats with Tamara Taggart from the US. They talk about how there are similarities between what the Bible teaches and how hypnosis can help people to renew their thinking. They also chat about why hypnosis…
Season 0 / Episode 36 min

SPECIAL EPISODE: Hypnosis Masterclass

Two of South Africa's leading hypnotherapists, Thomas Budge and Yvonne Munshi, have plans to present a Masterclass in Habits and Addiction. The five-day workshop was planned to debut in South Africa in September 2021 before travelling to the rest of the worl, but Covid-19 has forced a change in plan…
Season 0 / Episode 54 min

Can a veterinarian use hypnosis to bring about a world without wine?

Belinda Roxburgh started life out as a student of psychology before becoming a veterinarian. Many years later she found her way back to working with the mind. She studied to become a hypnotherapist and through an exercise during one of these classes, stopped drinking wine. Today she works with World…
Season 0 / Episode 39 min
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