Hunting Ndlovu: the story behind the capture and prosecution of Rosemary Ndlovu

Family, for most, is a concept that represents togetherness, love and — despite the occasional conflict — a bond that supersedes most.
But recently convicted female serial killer and former police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu saw her family more as a living pay cheque, ready to be harvested at will.
Ndlovu was found guilty of the murder of five of her relatives and one of her lovers. She arranged the brutal murder of her lover, sister, cousin, niece and two nephews to cash in on life and funeral policies, and according to the investigating officer on her case, tried to cash in on more policies while behind bars.
Today on Boots on the Ground: behind South Africa’s national headlines, we get an opportunity to speak to investigators, prosecutors and journalists who had a very direct hand in bringing Ndlovu to justice. We will hear about the ins and outs of the investigation, including the efforts it took to keep the investigation from a fellow police officer and seasoned murderer. We will hear about the charges that are still pending, including those related to the murder of Ndlovu’s own son. And finally we will dissect Ndlovu’s court persona and how it shifted when media were allowed to cover her case.