The Light Side with Ntsiki Mazwai

Andy Maqondwana sat down with Poet, Singer-songwriter, Beadwork Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Healer - Ntsiki Mazwai to find out who the Real Ntsiki is, how she copes with being a middle child, endless twitter trolls and what really brings her Joy!!!

uGogo Ntsiki Mazwai is a traditional healer, Activist, Musician, Poet and Beadwork artist. She was born in Pimville, Soweto and hails from a politically orientated family background. This explains why her deep-rooted activism borders not only on feminism, but also on black consciousness, Pan Africanism, Anti-racism and African Spirituality. Popularly known through her stage name as the South African “Street Queen.” She is one of the most beautiful and multi-talented female poets and recording artists from the “Rainbow Nation,” whose compositions have earned her massive respect and popularity in the creative industries.

Ntsiki is also known for her social media activism in her country and always raises sharp, thought provoking and topical discussions affecting vulnerable black women and children, giving a voice to the oppressed through her influence and popularity.

In 2018 she obtained a master’s degree in Creative Writing at Rhodes University, Cum Laude.

Her journey began as a co-founding member of Feela Sistah Spoken Word collective which catapulted the poetry scene in South Africa, into the mainstream of popular culture. From the platform of poetry, she has independently released three ‘spoken music’ albums (MaMiya, Ndingubani, The Masterpiece) and numerous singles over the years. Her debut album MaMiya earning a SAMA nomination (2008) and most popular song ‘uRongo’ was the biggest selling song in 2005.

She launched a book of poetry, ‘Wena’ on Woman’s Day 2010. It received much critical acclaim and was later launched in Tanzania.

Her distinctive Beadwork range (House of Mobu, 2002) has gone on to influence global fashion trends.

She has produced theatre productions (Ntsiki Speaks;