Active FM With Harmony Skade

William Mangele Skade, born 25 August 1994 started his musical career back in 2014 with acapella group called Botshabelo, during this time he performed at the Ba2cada sports meets Gospel 2015 & 2016
23 Jun 2022 English South Africa Society & Culture · Arts

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Interview With Jay Jay (Mr & Miss Maboneng)

Mr & Miss Maboneng is a beauty pageant that will be hosted annually and will be hosted in maboneng arts on main on the 26th. It will also feature live entertainment, food, and craft stalls.. come celebrate the young and gifted with us.
17 Nov 2022 27 min

Active FM Interview With Leslee Owen

Leslee Owen is a life and business coach to dream anemic moms desiring purpose beyond motherhood and a thriving home. With nearly two decades of working with and serving women with spiritual, professional, health and wellness industries, Leslee has an innate pulse of a woman's heart. She offers one on…
15 Sep 2022 27 min

Active FM Interview With Connor Curlewis

He works as a video producer for American media companies: Bright Trip and Debutify. Connor also directs brand and music videos in Auckland. He has a bachelor's degree in Creative Technologies from AUI and has travelled to 35 countries to try and understand humanity's tests and treasures.
4 Aug 2022 26 min

Active FM Interview With Martin Jordan

Martin a 35 year old from the UK. He loves rap, and has been listening to it his whole life. He made his new album by collaborating with people online. It has always been on his bucket list to make an album.
28 Jul 2022 31 min

Active FM Interview With Anieke Lamers

Peakbond is helping families globally to connect remotely with young children and create memories that last. They Target parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and loved ones at a distance of young children all over the world with their English app, blog, website, podcast and newsletter.
28 Jul 2022 26 min